Koushun Japanese White Tea

I like to watch the live streams of Jeffrey from UNYTea on IG and he recently shared on his livestreams his new teas that he was ordering, and one of them was a new white tea from Japan called Koushun White. UNYTea's Benifuki Japanese White tea was wildly popular, and delicious, so I knew I … Continue reading Koushun Japanese White Tea


Two Sakura Midoris and A Traveling Turtle

I was honored to receive Herb the traveling turtle from Geoffrey aka The Lazy Literatus this week, along with some Sakura Midori Sencha. You might know that I have started having Sencha first thing every Saturday morning so I thought this would be a perfect time to have this tea and to pour some on … Continue reading Two Sakura Midoris and A Traveling Turtle