Comparing Two Kinds of Jin Jun Mei

You may have picked up by now that I am a huge fan of Fujian Black teas. And the king of Fujian black teas is none other than Jin Jun Mei. Jin Jun Mei is picked only once a year and consists entirely of buds and is the highest grade of black tea (not sure that can be proven but to me it is the highest). I purchased a sample pack from Fujian Sourcing (FS) and a bag from Yunnan Sourcing (YS).

I used 4 grams of leaf in 100ml gaiwans with 200F water. Infusions were for 10 seconds plus 5.

Dry Leaf: FS: sweet and chocolate aroma. YS: Sweet toffee aroma. All buds were golden in color and this one had a lot more trichomes or “fluff” on it.

Dry Leaf in warm gaiwan: FS: Smelled of fruit, like cherry, and chocolate. YS: Smelled of baked fruit and a hint of smoke.

1st Infusion

1st Infusion: You can see the huge color difference here. I believe it is due to the amount of trichomes in the YS tea. FS: Medium body, cherry, chocolate, sweet, sweet finish. YS: Thicker body, had a spice and menthol flavor, which I believe to be eucalyptus but don’t quote me on it. A bit of honey, spice, and menthol with some sweetness.

I forgot to get a picture of the 2nd infusion, whoops! You can see the color differences became less obvious as the session went on. The tastes on these didn’t change all that much. I was very surprised as just how different these tasted. The FS had a main taste of cherries with some chocolate and the YS had a main taste of eucalyptus. My original goal was to pick which one I liked more, but they are just so different I don’t think that is helpful or useful.

I think both of these teas were really delicious and high quality and either one would be a good choice, depending on which flavor profile you prefer.

I reached out to the producer of Fujian Sourcing for pricing information and when he responds, I will update it here.

The Yunnan sourcing tea is $10 for 25 grams, which is an incredibly good price for Jin Jun Mei. 4 grams per session is 6 sessions per bag which is $1.67 per session. 8 infusions at least per session will come to $.21 per cup. That’s about the best price you will ever see for Jin Jun Mei.

I haven’t tried a whole lot of them, but every tea I have had from both of these companies has been really high quality so I will recommend both of them. If you like Cherries, talk to William at Fujian Sourcing. If you like eucalyptus, talk to Yunnan Sourcing. Cheers!


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