A Very Expensive Longjing

I was recently perusing tea seller websites, as one does, and came across a real sticker shock tea. This was on the Harney & Sons website and the tea was Longjing (Lung Ching). That is a common and famous tea so that's not shocking. The shocking part was the price - $650.00 for 1 pound! … Continue reading A Very Expensive Longjing


How Does Water Affect the Taste of Tea – Experiment

In my never-ending quest for tea knowledge, the subject of water quality comes up often. When I first started drinking tea, I thought water quality didn't matter and it was all just a bunch of voodoo talking about filtered spring water and reverse osmosis and bamboo charcoal (whatever that is). Well, the more I drank … Continue reading How Does Water Affect the Taste of Tea – Experiment

Cheap Vs. Expensive Tea – Dong Ding

I recently purchased some Dong Ding Oolong from Tillerman Tea, who specialize in Taiwanese teas and are known to have high quality Taiwanese oolongs. I also have a tin of Dong Ding that I purchased from my local Asian grocery store (AGS). I am always cognizant of value, so I thought I would do a … Continue reading Cheap Vs. Expensive Tea – Dong Ding