Organic Matcha

I recently ran out of matcha (gasp! the horror!). I decided to try a new one that I haven’t had before and turned to what is becoming one of my favorite companies to order from – Path of Cha. This post will be short and sweet so here goes.

I used 2 scoops of my chasaku into a plain old ceramic bowl. 180F bamboo charcoal water and got to whisking.

The first two or three sips of this gave me a strong bitterness and grassy flavor, which wasn’t super pleasant. But, I gave it a chance, and for that I was rewarded. Shortly after the initial hit of bitterness, a nice creamy texture started to show itself and a nice little hint of sweetness was there too. It stayed this way until the end, only becoming slightly more creamy and sweet as it went until the very end.

empty bowl

Also – no clumps! I did not sift this before whisking and there were no clumps at all, so that was nice. The lingering taste on my tongue as I write this is sweetness. I am feeling quite energized but also calm and focused right now.

The customer experience with them is top notch. From the order received emails to the hand written notes that they send with every order, to the fast and cheap shipping, it is a pleasurable experience.

Now to the price. This is $12.00 for 25 grams ($.48 per gram) which is pretty darn cheap for matcha. My grocery store matcha is $.56 / gram. They also sell a more expensive ceremonial grade matcha, which I have yet to try. But if I ever do, I will let you know my thoughts on it.

I am a fan. This is a good price for a good everyday matcha. Cheers.

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