I Visited Dobra Tea in Greenville

I recently went to visit some family in Greenville, SC, so I had to make a trip to Dobra while I was there. This was indeed my first ever visit to a tea house and I was so excited to go.

This Dobra location just opened in February 2020 and had to close down in March due to Covid. They had just opened back up the week of my visit (May 2020) with limited hours, so the timing worked out great for me.

It’s located in what looks like a newly re-developed part of town called the Villages of West Greenville. It was a nice walkable neighborhood with several shops and restaurants nearby. You could definitely spend a day here.

My brother-in-law went with me. We went inside and took a look around and decided to sit at a regular table.

I saw that they had Gong Fu Cha on the menu, so we had to go with that first. we ordered Da Hong Pao and it was brought out to the table with tea in a gaiwan and the whole set including aroma cups on a bamboo tray. They bring a pitcher of water heated with a tea light.

The tea was very good as well. It was roasted with some dark fruit notes and it had a pretty thick texture. A very good DHP indeed.

After multiple infusions of this, we wanted to shake it up a bit, so I ordered a tea that I have never had before – Kabusecha.

My brother-in-law liked this one even better than the DHP and I think I have to agree with him. He actually kept talking about it the rest of the day and he is not even a tea drinker! This tea had a strong umami and vegetal flavor, but it was also pretty sweet. I’m a fan. I wasn’t surprised when I saw that it costs more than the Gyokuro.

After this we looked around a bit more and then we bought some loose tea to take home with us. They have a small sample of all of the loose teas they sell on the counter.

I went with a First Flush Darjeeling, Mao Jian green, and Meng Ding yellow. My brother in law went with Silver Needle

Joe, the owner, was assisting us and he was very nice and friendly and the service was overall great.

The price of the gong fu cha session was $10. Granted, this is a lot more money than if you brew at home, but a teahouse isn’t about the cost of tea so much as it is about the whole experience. Gong fu cha is also recommended for two or more people, so if you split the cost, it isn’t very much at all.

The price of the pot of Kabusecha was $7.75. We made three pots with the same leaves which was enough for three large cups each. I think this is a good way to try a tea before committing to buying a large quantity of it, but it’s also about being in that environment and sharing tea with people you like.

The loose tea was priced very well I thought. I believe I paid $6.50 for 1 oz. (28g) of Darjeeling, $8 for the yellow tea, and $6 for the Mao Jian. I’ll do the math when I drink these tea individually, but that feels like a really good price.

I really enjoyed my visit to Dobra Greenville and I will definitely be going back next time I am in town or any town that has a Dobra for that matter. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “I Visited Dobra Tea in Greenville

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I have been to the Dobra Teas in Asheville and Black Mountain in NC and really enjoy them. They have a great range of stuff for any level of tea interest.

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