Blind Tasting Three Matchas

I recently won a giveaway of Daily Matcha from Mizuba and it gave me the idea to do another round of Matcha tasting, but this time with a twist. I wanted to taste them blind and see which one I liked the best. With some assistance from the lovely Mrs. Tea Journey, I had three matchas sifted and ready to be whisked.

The three matchas were: Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Path of Cha, Daily Matcha from Mizuba, and Aiya Ceremonial Grade Matcha. So, which one did I like the best? Let’s get to it.

I will refer to these as A, B, and C going from left to right.

My untrained eye couldn’t spot much difference between the three when inspecting the powder. I think C is just ever so slightly less vivid green than the others, but it’s really very close.

There were slightly larger bubbles on A and B and less overall foam on C. I am not sure what kind of indications these are as far as quality is concerned but they are noticeable differences.

Starting with Matcha A: It was a little bit vegetal and just slightly grassy, but it was very smooth and thick and had a buttery mouthfeel to it. There was a slight sweetness on the end. Pretty good.

Matcha B was less vegetal than A but just slightly more astringent. It was also thick and buttery but it had a little more sweetness than A.

Matcha C was… decent. I really didn’t enjoy this as much as the other two. It had a stronger grassy taste. It wasn’t bad by any means and would be perfectly good by itself. It just wasn’t as good as the other two for my liking.

And the winner is….. B!

A peek at the bottom of the bowl reveals it to be….. Path of Cha. I have to say it was really close between A and B and I went back and forth on it. I finally decided on B because it was sweeter in the end.

Matcha A was Aiya and C was Mizuba.

So what are the prices on these? Path of Cha is $23 for 25 grams or $.92 per gram. I purchased the Aiya at my local grocery store for $16.79 for 30 grams or $.56 per gram. The Mizuba was a gift to me so I didn’t buy it, but it sells for $20 for 40 grams or $.50 per gram. I rated them in the order of cost per gram. The Aiya is the best value here for sure. A lot of times it is even on sale for under $15 and I usually buy some when it is. Path of Cha is a treat special occasion matcha. Mizuba is exactly what it claims to be – a Daily Matcha.

I usually write blogs immediately after drinking. I have a huge caffeine buzz right now! I do this so you don’t have to! Cheers!

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