Ceremonial Matcha from Path of Cha

Path of Cha recently had a 20% off everything sale so I jumped on the chance to order one of the more expensive teas there is – ceremonial grade matcha. I enjoyed their less expensive Organic Matcha and I have been wanting to try the higher quality grade ever since. Today is the day so let’s get to it.

It’s so green! I used 2 scoops of the chasaku (bamboo scoop – Japanese names are more fun to say) and 170 F water. I recently switched my matcha water from 180 to 170 and have noticed an improvement.

My matcha making method is to first put a little bit of water into the bowl and whisk gently. Then pour the rest of the water in the bowl and whisk vigorously, which creates the foam.

This matcha was definitely better than the non-ceremonial grade. It had only a very slight vegetal and bitter note at the very front end but that quickly turned to sweetness. That sweetness lasted a long time too, which was very nice. There was also a strong umami green flavor, which I also enjoyed. The texture was very thick as well.

As for the body sensation, I feel alert and energized, but not jittery, which is the beauty of matcha.

I add in the extra step of pouring through a strainer into a glass for two reasons. One is the get rid of any clumps that might be in the bowl and two is so that I can see all that green goodness under the foam. I just like to see the green!

The price on this one is $23 for 25 grams. That’s good for 10-12 bowls in a pouch. Using 10, that is $2.30 per bowl. Matcha is just more expensive than other tea in general. This price is really a good price for high quality matcha. At 20% off, it is especially good. That’s not a price of something I would want to drink everyday. But keep it for special occasions, absolutely. The organic matcha in a larger size would make a better daily drinker.

“real life” picture

We try to make this whole process look as glamorous as possible, but as I was finishing my cup, I noticed the mess that I made and thought it would be fun to show what the process looks life in real life just outside the frame of the blog photos. Yes, this is my dining room table and I have to move things out of the way to make room for tea. It’s real life and it’s messy, but you can still have great tea in a messy life, just make some room for it!

This matcha is great and Path of Cha is a great company. Cheers!


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