Iced Matcha with Matcha Ice Cubes

My wife found some fun little cactus shaped ice cube trays on clearance for $.50 and I can think of a perfect thing that is green and can be frozen: Matcha, of course!

I made matcha and froze it Sunday evening so it would be ready to go on Monday morning for #MatchaMonday (that’s a thing apparently, lol why not).

So it’s super simple and fun. Make matcha like normal, put frozen matcha cubes in a glass and pour the hot matcha in. You have fun, iced and not at all diluted matcha.

Interestingly, the cold matcha, even when the ice is made of more matcha, was still not as strong of a flavor as when it is hot. Let me know if you decide to try this or if you have before. Cheers!

Revelation 22:2

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